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豊通オールライフ×ヤマト運輸 ネコサポート企画展開 Toyotsu All Life × Yamato Transport Cat Support Planning Development



その中でクック膳、和菓子の型を利用して手軽に作れる和菓子を皆様に作って頂くイベントを開催いたしました。 沢山の方が楽しみながら和菓子を作っておられるようでした。 クック膳は高齢者の方にも簡単に美味しい料理を作って頂ける電子レンジ用調理器具です。クック膳を利用した簡単レシピもご紹介させて頂きました。

このようなイベントを順次開催して頂く予定です。 またクック膳、和菓子の型は今後豊通オールライフより販売予定です。

As a member of the Toyota Tsusho Group, Toyotsu All Life, which is engaged in a wide range of nursing business such as sales of welfare equipment, held an event called "Nekosapo" in partnership with Yamato Transport to support the better life of elderly people.

We held an event where everyone could easily make Japanese sweets by using Cook-zen and Japanese sweets molds.

Many people seemed to have fun making Japanese sweets.

Cook-zen is a microwave oven cookware that allows elderly people to easily cook delicious dishes. We also introduced a simple recipe using the Cook-zen.

We plan to hold such events again.

In addition, Cook-zen and Japanese sweets molds is planned to be sold by Toyotsu All Life.


Japanese sweets that the participants made

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