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Machiko's Activities

  • After winning several cooking competitions, begins working as
    a cooking researcher.

  • Sendai Broadcast Program Deliberation Committee

  • Miyagi Prefecture Policy Promotion Committee

  • Akita Prefectural Government Proposer

  • Miyagi PFI Association Director

  • Member of the internal and external research committee of Jiji Press

  • Member of Japan Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan

  • Tohoku Electric Power Co., Inc. Instructs the instructors of cooking classes
    in 6 Tohoku prefectures

  • Miss Universe Tohoku Final Round Selection Committee

  • 7 years of instruction at Tohoku Cooking School in Miyagi Prefecture

  • Taught at a school for people with intellectual disabilities in Tokyo

  • Cooking instruction at the University of Pittsburgh

  • Cooking instruction at Carnegie Mellon University

  • Sponsored by Yves Saint Lawrence, Taught sweets making at the Pittsburgh Calfman department store

  • In charge of the cooking section at Pittsburgh Press

  • Has been in charge of Machiko Chiba Art Cooking for 10 years in "New York Life" newspaper

  • In charge of serialized articles at several companies in Japan

  • Consulting for large listed companies

  • World Gourmand Cookbook Award Japanese confectionery book prize

  • ANA themed color Cook-zen is now on sale at ANA. 20 pieces of Machiko Chiba Japanese sweets mold series are on sale.

  • Lecturer at Paris Cordon Bleu Cooking School

  • Obtained the first American artist visa as a cooking researcher

  • Lecturer at the British Cordon Bleu Cooking School and Chicago Cordon Bleu School

  • Teaches Japanese sweets at a children's school managed by Louis Vuitton in Paris.

  • Many events in New York, Paris, Tunisia, Chicago, Philippines.

  • Taught Japanese sweets and other topics to children at a New York school

  • Attended New York United Nations Conference (Latin Forum)

  • In charge of the cooking section for ANA USA's overseas pamphlets

  • Produces and sells "Drinking ginger" original juice at ANA Trading. Became the number one sales of ANA Trading.

  • Microwave cooking pot Cook-zen has been the number one sales for several years in QVC shopping.

  • Cook-zen won the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Grand Prize

  • The book of Japanese sweets made with Cook-zen won the World Gourmand Cookbook Award

  • Provided cooking instructions using Cook-zen in Asia. It became a business of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

  • Cook-zen was featured on the Washington Post.

  • Developed the world's first Kikurage health food. Acquired a European patent.

  • Development of several types of microwavable cake molds. International patent acquisition. Developed several collaboration products with Sanrio's Hello Kitty

  • Development of several of the world's first plastic Japanese sweets molds (Japan Plastic Industry Association Excellence Award)

  • Presented a 90-minute lecture at the Department of Geriatrics at The University of Tokyo School of Medicine.

  • Lectured at the Faculty of Design, Prefectural Miyagi University

  • Served as a member of Miyagi Prefecture Industrial Promotion Policy

  • Ishikawa Tourism Goodwill Ambassador

料理研究家 千葉真知子
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