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[Made in Japan] Kikurage Essence

Kikurage is full of vital, essential nutrients, and is grown and packaged exclusively in Japan.


Kikurage Essence was introduced to the world in 1988, by culinary expert Machiko Chiba. Since that time, this supplement has been well-regarded by discerning customers who rely on it to supplement a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. This supplement is made in Japan, from carefully-cultivated Japanese wood ear mushrooms that are harvested at their prime. The supplement contains natural vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D, calcium, fiber, and iron, and was recently reformulated with matcha green tea as an additional source of vitamin C. The medical and scientific community has recently developed a newfound appreciation for vitamin D, a crucial nutrient that affects the healthy functioning of all organs and cells in our bodies. Vitamin D occurs naturally in few foods, and modern lifestyles have reduced our exposure to sunlight, from which Vitamin D is synthesized in the body. Because of this, even with a normal diet, vitamin D deficiency can strike children, older adults, or any individual during the winter season, with its limited daylight hours. Our homegrown wood ear mushroom is carefully packaged in a plant-based capsule, all safely manufactured in Japan. Kikurage Essence is an exceptional health supplement, thoughtfully formulated for your wellbeing

天然国産 きくらげエッセンス

Kikurage is ...

Vitamin D

The vitamin D content of Kikurage is among the highest of any food!

Vitamin D helps maintain proper levels of calcium and phosphorous in the blood, and keeps teeth and bones strong and healthy, by increasing the rate at which those minerals are absorbed from food. Vitamin D also helps prevent osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and lessens the risk of contracting infectious diseases.

Impact of deficiency

Insufficient levels of vitamin D can make bones become fragile, resulting in fractures, osteoporosis, and osteomalacia for the elderly. Vitamin D deficiency also increases susceptibility to muscle weakness and convulsions, muscle and nervous system disorders, cardiovascular diseases, pruritus and skin diseases, and the risk of various infections


Kikurage has three times as much calcium as milk!

Calcium forms healthy bones and teeth and helps with heart function and blood circulation. It also reduces the risk of cardiovascular and circulatory disorders. Calcium also plays a vital role in the functioning of muscles and nerves.

Impact of deficiency

Insuficient calcium intake causes periodontitis and osteomalacia. The formation of bones and teeth is impaired, leading to a reduction of bone density and osteoporosis. Decreased calcium levels in the blood can lead to numbness, convulsions, lethargy, and abnormal heart rhythm due to muscle and nerve disorders.

Dietary Fiber

Kikurage is very high in dietary fiber

Dietary fiber (in its water-soluble and insoluble forms) adjusts the balance of intestinal bacteria and shapes the environment in the digestive tract. Fiber controls the digestion and absorption of food, supports the effective use of nutrients, and reduces the absorption of carbohydrates. It also promotes digestive regularity and facilitates the excretion of sodium and waste products.

Impact of deficiency

Insufficient intake of dietary fiber leads to the rapid absorption of sugar, and retention of intestinal substances such as food additives due to constipation, leading to obesity, diabetes, and colorectal cancer.


Kikurage has three times as much iron as beef liver

Iron is an essential mineral to prevent anemia. It is a nutrient that maintains systemic functions and is an important component of the red blood cell protein hemoglobin, which carries oxygen throughout the body to produce energy in all organs and cells.

Impact of deficiency

Insufficient iron intake can result in anemia, with symptoms of palpitations and dizziness. It can lead to an inability to concentrate because of a shortage of oxygen in the brain. Lack of dietary iron can also result in lower resistance to infectious diseases and can lead to poor blood circulation and chills.

Stay forever Beautiful with Kikurage


Enjoy a life of health and beauty from within, with the help of Kikurage Essence. Carefully developed to capture the essence of the wood ear mushroom, Kikurage Essence is a premium supplement containing natural vitamin D, calcium, dietary fiber, and iron.

天然国産 きくらげエッセンス
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