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クック膳 構造
Make delicious dishes easily by using the microwave. The quality is recognized by the world.

You can easily cook delicious dishes that would normally take time and effort by using a microwave oven and Cook-zen.

Cook-zen can safely "boil", "cook" and "steam" in a short amount of time without using fire.

Usage is very simple. Just put the ingredients and seasonings in the Cook-zen and heat it in the microwave. There's no need to take it out of the microwave and stir many times or to use chopsticks to heat the ingredients at all. There's also no need to use a wrap every single time.

You can cook delicious and healthy food without losing the original taste of the ingredients because it traps the savor inside.

10 years have been spent to develop Cook-zen.

In 2003, it won the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Grand Prize at the Daily Necessities Plastic Products Competition. Nowadays, Cook-zen has been praised by many, from housewives who are busy making lunchboxes in the morning, those who come home late at work, to professional cooks.


Best of Housewares 2019 Winner

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