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Ginger Juice

Produced based on a highly reviewed original recipe! Uses an astounding 75g of raw ginger.

Machiko Chiba's "Ginger Juice" was a ginger drink made for the health of her family (a pediatric surgeon husband, a pianist daughter, and Machiko herself).

After she offered this to the former Prime Minister Koizumi and many of the ANA staff when they were sick, this recipe received a reputation for working very well against the common cold and became commercialized through ANA.
Ginger juice, which uses plenty of high quality domestically produced ginger from a Kochi prefecture's third-generation ginger farm, has become ANA Corporation's number one hit product.
Ten years after its commercialization, "Ginger Juice" has been reviewed as a high-quality product and is now sold in New York. It is a very popular product among musicians and opera singers.

"The ginger's spicy component promotes sweating and warms the whole body comfortably."

The first sip is like a lemon juice with mild sweetness. It has a thick texture like nectar but also has a surprisingly refreshing mouthfeel. But once you start working on the whole bottle, look at what happens. The pungency peculiar to that ginger is pushed up from the back of the throat with a burning stimulus. By the time you finish drinking the bottle, your whole body should be radiating warmth.
If you find it difficult to drink, try diluting it with seltzer or water. The ginger's spiciness will be moderately softened, making it easier to drink for children who are not good at spicy drinks.

An original drink born from the bitter experience of having a cold.

After having a bitter experience of shooting a cooking film despite having a 39-degree fever and passing out, I have been paying particular attention to managing my physical condition. The secret is handmade ginger juice. When I handed it out to other staff such as the photographers and stylists, they claimed feeling better. The drink was even adopted by a company's cafeteria. The ginger juice was finally commercialized with the original recipe.

Heat it...

​Recommended hot drink for winter nights, when the scent of ginger stands out

Mix with sake...

The refreshing flavor is perfect for sake. Adjust the amount to your preference

Mix with fruits...

By using a juicer, you can make a fruity and exciting nectar

With Yogurt...

​The yogurt will gently wrap the strong spiciness of ginger to produce a refreshing dessert

飲む生姜 ボトル

If you would like to purchase, please contact us from here.

It will be sold from ANA Shopping from the end of October.

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