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Machiko's Products

With a microwave and a Cook-zen, you can easily cook delicious dishes that would normally take time and effort. Cook-zen will safely and quickly "boil", "cook" and "steam" without using fire.

10 years have been spent on developing Cook-zen. In 2003, it won the grand prize from the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry plastic daily necessities product competition. In 2019 it received the American parent tested parent approved, best of housewares award.

It has been praised by housewives busy making lunchboxes in the morning, workers who come home late, and even professional cooks.



Over 20 types of wagashi (Japanese sweets) molds including the flower, leaf, and animal series.

The cat series is one of the most popular molds throughout the world. It includes the molds for a cat's back view and a cat's paws. It is a very popular product among both adults and children. The wagashi mold series was intended to be used to make Japanese sweets, but you can also use it to prepare lunch by packed it with rice. The specially designed trays allow you to make sushi into any shape you want. Now on sale at ANA.

Wagashi Mold


Kikurage, produced in Japan, is a treasure chest of important nutrients.

The supplement contains natural vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D, calcium, fiber, and iron.

Our homegrown wood ear mushrooms are carefully packaged in a plant-based capsule, all safely manufactured in Japan. Kikurage Essence is an exceptional health supplement, thoughtfully formulated for your wellbeing.

Kikurage Essence


Produced based on a highly reviewed original recipe!

Machiko Chiba's "Ginger Juice" was a ginger drink made for the health of her family (a pediatric surgeon husband, a pianist daughter, and Machiko herself).

After she offered this to the former Prime Minister Koizumi and many of the ANA staff while they were sick, this recipe received a reputation for working very well against the common cold and became commercialized through ANA. Ginger juice, which uses plenty of high quality domestically produced ginger from a Kochi prefecture's third-generation ginger farm, has become ANA Corporation's number one hit product. Ten years after its commercialization, "Ginger Juice" has been reviewed as a high-quality product and is now sold in New York. It is a very popular product among musicians and opera singers.

Ginger Juice


The measuring cup devised and designed by Machiko Chiba. It's very convenient becasue it can measure any amount, even 1 tsp and 1 tbsp.

The idea for this product came up when I lost many measuring spoons at an event.

Measuring Cup

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