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Machiko's Books


The Cook-Zen Wagashi Cookbook - Lake Isle press New York

From Cherry Blossom Rice Cakes to Mochi Dusted with Green Soy-bean Flour, home cooks will be transported by the recipes in Machiko Chiba's latest cookbook devoted to Japanese sweets known as wagashi.


The COOK-ZEN Cook Book - Lake Isle press New York

This is an English book about making Japanese dishes with Cook-zen. When I was asked to cook a full-course meal in New York, I used a Cook-zen to prepare more than 10 types of meals and served it to my customers. One of the customers who praised all of the dishes was the president of a publishing company. Everyone was impressed by the fact that everything was cooked in a microwave oven. So came the birth of Cook's first English book about Japanese dishes using Cook-zen.


The Cook-Zen Way to Eat - Lake Isle press New York

The second English Cook-zen book. Reacting to the demands from the publishers for recipes that will appeal to Americans and Europeans, I introduce several recipes centered on Western-style dishes that can be easily and deliciously prepared. I was told by the president of the publisher to "never give up!!" until the Cook-zen sells all over the US. That was the reason why we released the third English book covering Japanese sweets.


Japanese dishes for wine lovers - Kodansha USA

"Japanese dishes for wine lovers" published by Kodansha USA
(Styling and food Machiko Chiba, Camera Tae Hamamura)
"Japanese dishes for wine lovers" are currently featured in over 60 reviews, including "J SELECT," "FOOD," "WINE LIFE & STYLE," "COOKING," "CHICAGO TRIBUNE".
Now on sale in major cities around the world.


Eating Classic-Gentosha Publishing (electronic version/book)

What did the great composers eat? This is a book written after studying literature and traveling with my pianist daughter to European towns that produced many of the great composers and pieces. This book features reproductions of the dishes that the composers loved. This is the first book of its kind in the world, and was highly acclaimed and reviewed by many people. A digital edition was published on June 25, 2015.
Enjoy the history of the sounds and foods of great composers along with their recipes.


Curry 10 minutes New era-Nisso Institute Publishing

I went to India for a while to study curry. Starting from the town of Bodh Gaya, where Buddha was enlightened, we went around New Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, etc., entered the kitchens of restaurants and hotels, and visited local families to thoroughly study curry. Since Indian curry is associated with high amounts of oil and heart diseases, we aimed to create a healthy curry. All of the recipes were carefully tasted and designed so that it can be easily made within 10 minutes.


Cook-zen's Inspiring Recipe-Nikkei BP Planning

In response to the voices of "Cook Zen" users, the first full-scale recipe collection for Cook-zen, "Cook Zen's inspiring recipe" was published by Nikkei BP Planning.
The 99 recipes are grouped into 5 chapters: appetizer, sake side dish, main dish, noodle and rice, and dessert.
It covers a wide range of meals from the daily dining table to the menus for special occasions and has enriching content that can be used every day in every situation.


Lunch Recipe Made with Cook-zen-Nikkei BP planning

The second Cook-zen book. It is acclaimed as a book that anyone can use to easily cook delicious dishes in minutes. It introduces many main dishes. The beef Tsukudani is especially tasty since it melts in your mouth just like an authentic recipe.


The Great Medicinal Effect of Kikurage-Housewife and Life Company

This is the first book in the world to cover Kikurage. Progress has been made in the understanding of how amazing the composition of kikurage is. Little was known about kikurage until recently.

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