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Molds for Traditional Japanese Sweets

和菓子 木の葉 ひょうたん
Received the Japan Plastics Association Excellence Award.
You can easily enjoy making Japanese sweets at home.

Wagashi is a traditional Japanese food culture that has a beautiful shape and incorporates Japan's unique styles, seasonal changes, natural beauties, and transience.
The paste used in Japanese sweets are made from plant-based ingredients such as adzuki beans and white beans and is an embodiment of Japan's unique cares for health.
To help anyone easily make authentic wagashi, a plastic wagashi mold was completed after development of many prototypes.
Molds for seasonal neri-kiri and oshi-nuki, strainers for straining bean paste, pouring trays for making yokan, and molds dry higashi have been designed to be microwave-safe.
All of these wagashi molds are easier to handle than wooden ones, making them easy to make wagashi.

By pairing this with the microwave-safe cooking pot, Cook-zen, you can make wagashi even easier than ever before.

和菓子 招き猫

Wagashi Mold Series

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