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With this product, you can easily make authentic Japanese sweets at home.

You can easily make a beautiful neri-kiri by filling the mold with the bean paste of your preferred colored. Comes with a convenient spatula for use when filling the mold. Also comes with a Japanese sweets recipe book for your convenience. Besides making Japanese sweets, it can also be used for molding sushi and rice. Unlike the traditional wooden mold, there's no need to dry it when it gets wet, and is easy to clean.

Neri-kiri Cat Mold

SKU: nerikiri-neko
    • Country of origin: Japan
    • Color: black
    • Material: ABS resin
    • Size: (approx.) Length 3.8 x width 7 x depth 7 cm
    • Weight: (approx.) 240g
    • Includes: Exclusive spatula, original recipe book