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A cooking pot exclusively for microwave ovens that can be used easily.

Stewed foods are completed in a short time, and steamed foods are fluffy, preventing uneven heat.
It is very healthy because it maximizes the taste of the ingredients and requires little oil.
Since no fire is used, anyone can use it with confidence.


10 years were spent on developing Cook-zen.

In 2003, it won the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry Grand Prize at the Daily Essentials Plastic Goods Competition, and in 2019 it received the parent tested parent approved, best of housewares award from the United States.


Comes with 27 original recipes designed by Machiko Chiba. Dedicated measuring cup included.



SKU: cook-zen-blue
    • Set contents: Main unit, measuring cup for each 1, original recipe book
    • Size: 189 × 213 × 137mm
    • Weight: 940g
    • Capacity: 1.7L


    Quality display

    • Main body, upper lid, colander, middle lid: Polypropylene / heat-resistant temperature 140 degrees
    • Measuring cup: polypropylene / heat-resistant temperature 120 degrees