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Japanese Sweets Class Held at an Elementary School in Melbourne

I was given the opportunity to support a program in which fifty students from a private middle school in Nagano Prefecture taught Japanese sweets to students at Parktone Primary School in Melbourne.

Saikyo Gakuen has a partnership with Parktone Primary School. This time, we aimed to cultivate the students' sense of internationalism and independence by making them communicate with local students while home staying for a total of 4 nights and 6 days. As part of this, we taught 270 students at Parktone Primary School how to make traditional Japanese sweets. In preparation, I taught the Japanese students in advance how to make it, and went to the site together in late May.

At Parktone Primary School, students learn Japanese as their foreign language class. Students are very interested in Japan and hold a "Japan Day" every year to experience Japanese culture. They are conducting a very interesting education with the goal of developing world leaders.

At the event, students were able to communicate smoothly with each other and everyone was happy making Japanese sweets.

Since Japanese sweets (dried and kneaded sweets) can be easily made with the "Cook-zen" and "Japanese sweets molds", elementary school students can make them without any problems.

The project was a great success and will continue next year.

Children happily making Japanese sweets
Using the Japanese sweets molds
The school aims to develop leaders of the world


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