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Meatloaf New York Style

This meatloaf is easy to make, just mix the ingredients and bake.


650g ground beef and pork

1 onion, finely chopped

1 egg

3 cloves garlic, minced

5 tbsp breadcrumbs

50g cashews

6 tbsp ketchup

1 tsp oregano

1/2 tsp basil

1/2 tsp thyme

1 tsp salt

1/2 tsp pepper

1 tsp paprika

  1. Fry the onion and minced garlic, let it cool, then put it in a bowl, add all the minced meat, cashews and spices, and mix well with your hands.

  2. Put the mixture in a mold and bake at 200°C for 40 to 50 minutes.


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